Quick Answer: Which Is Better HackerRank Or GeeksForGeeks?

Who owns GeeksforGeeks?

Sandeep JainSandeep Jain An IIT Roorkee alumnus and founder of GeeksforGeeks.

He loves to solve programming problems in most efficient ways.

Apart from GeeksforGeeks, he has worked with DE Shaw and Co.

as a software developer and JIIT Noida as an assistant professor..

How is DSA course of GeeksforGeeks?

This course offers you a wealth of programming challenges that you may face at your next job interview. The course focuses mainly on Data Structure & Algorithms: the key to selection in top product based companies. Recommended for: Pre-Final/Final year students preparing for the Placement drives.

How do I learn GeeksforGeeks?

Learn to implement the data structures and algorithms, practice it in your programming language every day. GeeksforGeeks is good for beginners to start with practicing the problem on data structure and algorithms. Below are some useful tips to follow while learning these two fundamentals.

Which one is better HackerRank or Codechef?

Definitely codechef according to me , even though you may feel UI isn’t that great for codechef but it has a better quality of problems. One problem with Hackerrank is that you can see the test cases. So this is an advantage if you are a beginner in Competitive programming. In codechef the test cases are not visible.

What rank is good in HackerRank?

A rank between 150 and 220 on HackerRank can definitely be considered a good spot to be in, but there’s more to the answer than just that: it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Being in the top 250 programmers in HackerRank means that you’re a pretty competent programmer.

Is HackerRank good for beginners?

So i highly suggest Hackerrank for complete beginners, You can spend first 15–30 days getting comfortable and gradually learning how to solve problems. In my experience there is no other site best suited for complete beginners than Hackerrank.

Are HackerRank certificates free?

Hackerrank free Verified Certificate-Programmer And Developer Certification | Skill Certified Course.

Is GeeksforGeeks good for interview preparation?

GeeksforGeeks brings a completely free Interview Preparation Course designed for both working professionals as well as students to prepare for coding interviews. … They are not well aware of the interview pattern and process.

Is HackerRank paid?

In short, HackerRank is free for its users, and their income comes from companies who use it as a hiring platform to test their candidates on their technical knowledge. … So, to compensate for these issues, it’s best to use other resources along with HackerRank to better prepare for your technical interviews.

Can you put HackerRank on resume?

You can mention your rating in your resume if you feel the recruiter/interviewer would be aware of how ratings work on sites like hackerrank. The best bet would be to write the rating along with the percentile score given in the hackerrank profile.

How can I improve my HackerRank?

Start easy, increase difficulty. Never attempt questions which you think is easy. Solving easy questions is a complete time waste and addictive. In the same way, learn about different data structures, algorithms.

How good is GeeksforGeeks?

There is no doubt that content of geeksforgeeks is highly reliable, concise and holds immense quality. But one needs to utilize this in best possible way as geeksforgeeks has a lot of content like a lot!! And there is absolutely no need to go through that all!!!

Can HackerRank get me a job?

You can also apply for jobs directly through HackerRank in the ‘jobs’ section. … Nothing can get you a job, but you. Update: Some people have pointed out that competitive programming will sharpen your skills which in turn will get you a job.

Can you Google during HackerRank?

It is completely okay to have a google in the other tab while working on hacker rank unless you try copying from it. It is the human tendency to look for simpler and easier ways to find an answer to the questions. … So, my suggestion is not to open google while working on hackerrank problems.

Which country has the best coders?

If you ever wondered about which country produces the best programmers, wonder no more. A new report from California-based HackerRank, a service that administers tests to developers around the world, says it’s China. Second place goes to Russia, and Poland takes bronze.