Quick Answer: What Genre Is Blue Story?

Is Blue Story banned from Odeon?

Vue has banned the film from its 91 UK and Ireland venues and Showcase has also dropped the movie.

The Odeon chain says it is not withdrawing the film, but “a number of security measures are in place” for Blue Story screenings, though it refused to elaborate on what they are..

Does Timmy die in Bluestory?

While Timmy and Leah are out, the Peckham boys start to beat on Timmy. Leah tries to defend him, but Marco shoves her so hard that she hits the ground and dies after her skull smashes against the pavement. Marco also knocks Timmy out with a brick. He is later arrested and sent to prison, while Timmy is in a coma.

Is Blue story on Nowtv?

Watch Blue Story instantly on NOW TV No contract, cancel anytime.

What age is blue story?

What is the age rating? Blue Story has been given the rating 15 and runs for 1 hour and 31 minutes. The rating is due to the violence and disturbing scenes that occur during the movie.

Is Blue story on Amazon Prime?

It’s currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, with the lowest price being standard definition rental at £3.49; the HD rental is £4.49. You can also purchase it in both standard and HD for £6.49.

Why did Vue remove blue story?

Vue said the decision to remove the film was because “the safety and welfare of our customers and staff is always our first priority”. … Odeon has said while it is not withdrawing the film, it has “a number of security measures in place” for Blue Story screenings.

Who dies at the end of blue story?

Leah dies, Timmy survives. We pick up the thread three years later, with Marco and Timmy transformed into small-time gang leaders, bent on revenge and clinging onto pride. The violence escalates and, well, without ruining it, it doesn’t end well.

Is Blue Story banned from cinemas?

Blue Story, a BBC-backed gang film, has been banned from Vue cinemas following 25 ‘significant incidents’ at 16 cinemas on the day it was released, including a mass brawl involving youths armed with knives and machetes outside a screening in Birmingham.

What is blue story based on?

Blue Story is based around events of Rapman’s own personal experiences growing up in Deptford, in the London Borough of Lewisham, and being sent to Peckham, in the London Borough of Southwark, thereby crossing gang-affiliated borders. The film depicts real life gangs Peckham Boys and Ghetto Boys.

Why is Blue Story banned?

Gang drama Blue Story has been banned from all Vue cinemas after a mass brawl broke out at a Birmingham cinema involving youths armed with machetes. Families were visiting Star City to watch Frozen 2 when the disorder broke out late on Saturday afternoon, sparking a mass evacuation of the complex.

Is Blue Story violent?

“Blue Story is a film about love, not violence. “I hope blame is placed with the individuals and not an indictment of the film itself.”

What was the budget for blue story?

1.3 million GBPBlue Story/Budget

Can u watch blue story online?

Watch Blue Story | Now on Digital/Online Streaming.