Quick Answer: What Does Chartered Mean In History?

What does Mercantile mean?


of or relating to merchants or trade; commercial.

engaged in trade or commerce: a mercantile nation..

What is the meaning of absolutist?

noun. the principle or the exercise of complete and unrestricted power in government. any theory holding that values, principles, etc., are absolute and not relative, dependent, or changeable.

What does fortification mean?

noun. the act of fortifying or strengthening. something that fortifies or protects. the art or science of constructing defensive military works. … a strengthening or improvement, as by addition of or intensification with another ingredient: the fortification of milk with vitamin D; the fortification of wine with alcohol.

What is a synonym for Gale?

noun. 1’the church spire was blown down during a gale’ SYNONYMS. storm, tempest, squall, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, typhoon, whirlwind, superstorm. strong wind, high wind.

What is chartered membership?

Chartered Membership recognises people professionals who use their expertise in people, work and change to create value for organisations and the profession. Chartered Membership will inspire confidence with employers and clients. … using the professional designation and letters Chartered MCIPD after your name.

Which word is similar to acceptance?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR ACCEPTANCEacceptance.acknowledgment.acquiescence.admission.agreement.allowance.approbation.approval.More items…

What does it mean for a bank to be chartered?

A chartered bank is a financial institution engaged in the business of providing monetary transactions, such as safeguarding deposits and making loans. Most chartered banks have received their government’s permission to operate in the financial services industry.

What does Farman mean?

Farman Mughal constitutional term meaning an irrevocable royal decree issued by the emperor. A farman carries the form of a bill made law by the assent of the head of the state. … It was promulgated either in response to an application made by a subject to the emperor or as a royal policy decision.

What is the meaning of chartering?

Chartering is an activity within the shipping industry whereby a shipowner hires out the use of their vessel to a charterer. The contract between the parties is called a charterparty (from the French “charte partie”, or “parted document”).

What does woe mean?

noun. literary intense grief or misery. (often plural) affliction or misfortune. woe betide someone misfortune will befall someonewoe betide you if you arrive late.

What is the difference between Chartered and Certified?

A chartered accountant is a worldwide credential that qualifies an individual to offer financial consultation and keep financial records, and a certified public accountant is an accounting professional who has completed the necessary education and training to become a public accountant in the United States.

What does Chartered Mcipd mean?

Chartered MemberChartered Member (Chartered MCIPD) Recognises people professionals who use their expertise in people, work and change to create value for organisations and the profession.

What’s a chartered psychologist?

The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised and reflects only the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise.

What’s another word for chartered?

What is another word for chartered?tookrentengagedarranged formade a reservation forpaid forletlet outsublethired out34 more rows

What is a Chater?

A charter is the grant of authority or rights, stating that the granter formally recognizes the prerogative of the recipient to exercise the rights specified. … It has come to be synonymous with a document that sets out a grant of rights or privileges.

What kind of word is chartered?

adjective. 1(of a city, company, university, or other body) founded or having its rights and privileges established by means of a charter. 1.1British (of an accountant, engineer, librarian, etc.) qualified as a member of a professional body that has a royal charter.

What is the meaning of chiefdoms?

A chiefdom is a form of hierarchical political organization in non-industrial societies usually based on kinship, and in which formal leadership is monopolized by the legitimate senior members of select families or ‘houses’. These elites form a political-ideological aristocracy relative to the general group.

What does Chartered mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Chartered professional is a person who has gained a specific level of skill or competence in a particular field of work, which has been recognised by the award of a formal credential by a relevant professional organization.