Quick Answer: How Did Faye Die?

Why did Coty Scott Taylor kill Faye?

She then announced that Faye’s death was a homicide and it took place within a few hours of the little girl being abducted.

Fisher also said an autopsy performed on Taylor showed his death was the result of “an incised wound to the neck.” The manner was determined to have been suicide..

Is Atreus Thor’s brother?

No, they are not putting Loki or Thor’s step-brother into the God of War game. They are putting a boy named Atreus (named after the father of the brothers Agamemnon and Menelaus in Illiad)[1] into the God of War game, who also plays the role of Loki in that franchise.

Is Kratos immortal?

Disregarding some of these plotholes, Kratos is not immortal. None of the Gods are truly immortal, perhaps it is his human side that saves him by landing in Hades. Kratos was even turned mortal at the same time he was ran through by Zeus’ sword.

Why did he kill Faye swetlik?

Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher released Swetlik’s cause of death but did not give many details beyond that. Fisher released that Swetlik died of asphyxiation, or suffocation, and said she would not release more out of respect to the family.

Who killed Faye Swetlick?

Coty Scott TaylorFaye Marie Swetlik abducted, killed by South Carolina neighbor, officials say after autopsy. CAYCE, S.C. – Investigators said 6-year-old Faye Marie Swetlik of Cayce was killed last week by Coty Scott Taylor, 30, a neighbor found dead after being interviewed by investigators following Faye’s disappearance.

Is Loki a god or giant?

What is Loki the god of? Loki is considered a trickster god, known for being neither fully good nor evil since his main aim was always to create chaos. Despite his father being a giant, he is still counted a member of the Aesir—a tribe of deities including Odin, Frigg, Tyr, and Thor.

How old is Loki in human years?

Loki is 21.4 years old compared to a human. What is the average lifespan of Asgardians in the MCU Thor universe?

Did Kratos love Faye?

Faye loves Kratos, and Kratos loves Faye. It was confirmed by Matt Sophos via Twitter when someone asked the same question. … But I think she loved him. Since the Giants could see the future I’m sure she saw a future where she revealed her ancestry to Kratos and it didn’t end very well.

Can Kratos lift Mjolnir?

No, because it’s not a matter of strength . Mjolnir weighs 42 lbs. Its Odins enchantment that makes it immovable by all but the most powerful entities. Even if lifting Mjolnir was a matter of strength rather than worthiness, Kratos still never has been able to lift, and never will be.

Why is Kratos so weak in gow4?

He is weaker in that he doesn’t have his old weapons or the power of hope. Apart from that he is the same good old Kratos minus the cruelty and rage. The Kratos who killed with his brute strength Poseidon and sucked out Hades soul. Also we don’t want a Kratos who is OP.

Will Kratos die of old age?

Now, to answer your question about Kratos ageing, it doesn’t seem like he can die of old age. He’s pretty much ageless, being a god.

Who did Kratos kill?

God Of War: 14 Gods Kratos Killed (& How He Murdered Them)7 Hercules (Demigod)8 Helios (God Of The Sun) … 9 Persephone (Goddess Of Spring) … 10 Hades (God Of The Underworld) … 11 Thanatos (God Of Death) … 12 Athena (Goddess Of War/Wisdom) … 13 Ares (God Of War) … 14 Poseidon (God Of The Ocean) … More items…•

Is Kratos the son of Loki?

In true norse mythology Loki is the son of Laufey and Fárbauti , both of which are jötunn (loosly means giant). … Now in true greek mythology, Kratos was a son of the titans Pallas and Styx. He has 3 siblings and they were the enforcers of zeus.

How did Faye die god of war?

It is unknown when or how she met Kratos, but, after an unknown amount of time, they fell in love, and Faye married him and became pregnant with their child. … Before she died, she instructed Kratos and Atreus to cremate her body and scatter her ashes atop the highest peak of the Nine Realms.

Who killed Kratos wife?

AresKratos was given the Blades of Chaos, destroyed his enemies, and blindly followed Ares, killing hundreds in his name. After Ares tricked Kratos into murdering his wife Lysandra and daughter Calliope in a temple dedicated to Athena, the Spartan was shocked out of his bloodlust and renounced service to Ares.

Did Faye use Kratos?

Being a stranger in a new land, Faye accepted Kratos even though she (probably) knew who/what Kratos really was… And she still took him in and eventually had a son with him… Faye even gave Kratos the Leviathan Axe that was made by Brok and Sindri for her (they mentioned it in the game) It wasn’t any ordinary weapon….

How did Coty Taylor kill himself?

The Lexington County Coroner has released the following information regarding the death of Coty Taylor, 30, identified as the suspect in the killing of 6-year-old Faye Swetlik. … Taylor’s death was the result of an incised wound to the neck. The manner was determined to have been suicide.

Can Kratos kill Thor?

The giant’s prophecy foretold his defeat and death, but Kratos has been known to come back from such things. He will come back, and kill Thor after traveling through Hellheim. The problem with this fight is that there is no comic equivalent of Kratos.

Does Kratos regret killing Zeus?

Kratos regrets killing Zeus because he wishes he had just walked away and gone on to live his own peaceful life, like he did anyway. Yes, the gods were terrible to him. But killing them didn’t undo the things they did, it was just senseless revenge, giving in to his anger, causing more pain to add to the cycle.

Why is Atreus Loki?

God of War ending: Atreus is Loki and his mother is a giant Atreus notices he’s referred to as Loki. Kratos explains that Loki was the name his wife and Atreus’ mother Faye wanted, before eventually settling on Atreus — in honour of a fallen comrade of Kratos from his days as a Spartan soldier.

Who did Kratos marry?

FayeThat’s because it relates to who is Kratos Wife in God of War 4. Kratos’ wife is named Faye and she is a Giantess from Jotunheim. Though much of her death and life is unknown, we know that she was an important Giant and she seemed to know the entire journey that Kratos and Atreus would go on.