Quick Answer: Does Indefinitely Mean Permanent?

What does Cancelled indefinitely mean?

Cancelled means that the event will not happen.

Postponed indefinitely means that there may be some hope that the event will occur..

What does available indefinitely mean?

without any limit of timeadverb. without any limit of time or number.

What is indefinite period of time?

If you describe a situation or period as indefinite, you mean that people have not decided when it will end. The trial was adjourned for an indefinite period. Synonyms: uncertain, general, vague, unclear More Synonyms of indefinite.

What Does indefinitely mean?

: not definite: such as. a : not precise : vague. b : having no exact limits.

How do you use the word indefinitely?

Science would solve everything, prosperity would grow indefinitely, and people would thrive. He can’t expect to keep sneaking up to visit her indefinitely and hope to get away with it. Since the poorest nations will improve their financial conditions indefinitely, this is a long-term trend toward peace.

What does indefinite leave mean?

Indefinite leave to remainIndefinite leave to remain (ILR) or permanent residency (PR) is an immigration status granted to a person who does not hold the right of abode in the United Kingdom (UK), but who has been admitted to the UK without any time limit on their stay and who is free to take up employment or study.

Does indefinitely mean forever?

As adverbs the difference between indefinitely and forever is that indefinitely is for a long time, no end defined while forever is (duration) for all time, for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time.

What’s another word for indefinitely?

What is another word for indefinitely?obscurelycovertlydarklydingilydullyduskilygloomilyhazilyindecisivelyindefinably4 more rows