Question: Would A 357 Magnum Kill A Bear?

Can you survive a .44 Magnum?

If you do hit the head it will inflict much more damage than a 9mm.

Keep in mind if you did survive a .

44 Magnum then permanent brain damage us sure to occur which can result in paralysis, memory loss, loss of motor function and electrical neurons being damaged.

There are so many results you could get with this one..

Whats stronger 357 or 40?

40 Smith and Wesson produces between 468 and 588 ft-lbf of muzzle energy. The . 357 Magnum, again depending on bullet weight, produces between 539 and 583 ft-lbf of muzzle energy. … 357 Magnum cartridges are more powerful than some .

What is the best 357 round for self defense?

Top 5 Rated .357 Magnum Ammo Comparison TableName of ProductWeightMuzzle EnergyFederal American Eagle Cartridge158 grain530 ft lbsFiocchi Cartridges142 grain636 ft lbsCCI Blazer Rounds158 grain464 ft lbsHornady Critical Defense Ammo125 grain824 ft lbs1 more row

What Animals Can you kill with a 357 magnum?

357 ammo you can kill deer, boar, bear with it. Shot placement and ammo choice will be critical though. You can also shoot . 38 special for smaller stuff and .

Will a 12 gauge slug kill a grizzly bear?

Sure. At close range, 12 gauge shotgun slug will kill just about any animal that ever walked the Earth. … 12 gauge pump shotguns are preferred bear defense guns by many knowledgeable people living in areas with high grizzly densities. They are definitely adequate grizzly defense guns.

What has more power 357 or 45?

357 Magnum cartridge is individually more powerful than an individual . 45 ACP cartridge, all else being equal, a . 45 ACP pistol will be a (marginally) more powerful tool than a . … 357 Mag revolver* with a 6″ barrel and speed loaders is significantly more powerful than a stock 1911A1, but on the other hand, a .

Which is better 44 Magnum or 357?

357 Mag is a much smaller diameter bullet than its . 44 Mag counterpart. While the case and overall length are similar, the . 44 Mag is much wider and voluminous cartridge that can hold more powder and withstand a higher amount of pressure when the powder is ignited.

What gun is best for bear protection?

Let’s get to it!Remington Model 870 Express. The Remington Model 870 Express is a classic pump-action shotgun with a whole lot of power. … Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan . 44 Rem Mag. … Glock 20. … Marlin Model 1895 Guide. … Mossberg Model 500. … Ruger American Predator.

Will a .45 stop a bear?

It should do just fine in stopping a bear, probably with one well aimed shot. However an M-1911 is not the weapon for a distance shot. You probably could not hit it if it was further than 20 away.

How much does a 357 drop at 100 yards?

According to the Speer manual if the rifle is zeroed at 50 yards then the bullet will hit 2.5 inches low at 100 yards. If zeroed at 100 yards the bullet will be 1.2 inches high at 50 yards. Velocity at 100 yards will be about 1300 fps.

Can a 357 kill a moose?

357 you have will do as well as anything else short of a 12 ga riot gun. Bull Moose can become very aggressive and dangerous during the mating season.

Will a 30 06 kill a grizzly bear?

Yes. As a matter of record, more grizzlies have probably been killed with the . 30–06 than any other round. Once upon a time nobody used scoped rifles, and a 100 yard poke at a bear was pretty standard; at 100 yards the .

What is the most powerful 357 round?

The full house 125 GRN JHP is regarded as the best carry round in that caliber for self defense. The 357 magnum takes commitment and practice to master, the power does you no good if you do not hit.

What caliber is best for Bear defense?

8 Best Charge-Stopping Bear Cartridges1. . 45-70 Government. … 2. . 454 Casull. … 3. . 44 Remington Magnum. … 4. . 375 H&H Magnum. … 5. . 50 Alaskan. … 12-Gauge Slug. According to Nelson, the 12-gauge slug gun is by far one of the most popular choices for bear protection in the Alaskan bush. … 7. . 338 Winchester Magnum. … 8. . 357 S&W Magnum.

Which is more powerful 9mm or 357 Magnum?

357 Magnum, including more velocity and heavier projectiles; the 9mm round limits at about 147 to 150 grains but the . 357 can easily go up to 200 grains. … 30-30 for power and that’s rifle round. So, the 9mm is better for the target shooter and concealed carrier.

Can a 9mm take down a bear?

Few people recommend carrying a 9mm handgun as a bear defense gun. Regardless of what you think of his decision though, this episode shows that it is indeed possible to stop a bear with a 9mm pistol with good ammunition, good shot placement, and a little luck.

How far will a 357 magnum bullet travel?

How far does a 357 bullet travel? It deponds On muzzle velocity of the bullet, the bullet shape ( which determines drag) and angle of departure. Sloppy answer – more than a mile. Sierra Bullets, Inc.

Is 357 magnum good for Bear defense?

Especially when shooting hard cast or other non-expanding bullets, hunters can rely on a . 357 Magnum. This cartridge’s deep penetration is more than capable of stopping a charging bear with good shot placement. … 357 Magnum, like the Ruger GP100, can be a very effective bear-defense gun.

Can a 44 magnum kill a grizzly bear?

There were two uses of . 41 magnum revolvers. Both were against grizzly bears, both were successful and the bears were killed. … 44 magnum revolvers.

Is a 10mm more powerful than a 357 magnum?

10mm vs. 357 Magnum is a powerful cartridge, but in this case it takes a narrow 2nd place to the 10mm Auto. 10mm generally packs higher muzzle energies thanks in large part to the larger bullets. Even with similar bullets, however, it appears the 10mm does slightly better.

Can a 12 gauge slug kill an elephant?

For example, you could certainly kill an elephant with a 12 gauge slug, or a . 223, if you put one in an eye, or an ear, or another vulnerable spot, from a few feet or yards away. And even if it takes hours, or even days, to die, the animal is still dead.