Question: Why Is The Joker Movie So Disturbing?

Is Joker being banned?

The Landmark Theaters chain will ban costumes and masks for moviegoers during screenings of the film “Joker” it said.

The restrictions follow concerns expressed by families involved in a 2012 mass shooting during a Batman film in Colorado..

Is Joker appropriate for a 12 year old?

Is it for kids? No. The MPAA rated “Joker” R for “strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and brief sexual image,” and that makes it a “hard R.” The violence is extremely graphic, and an air of anger and isolation swirls around the film.

Is Joker mentally disturbing?

Todd Phillips’ Joker is by far the most deeply disturbing and unsettling movie to hit theater screens in 2019. The film is unconnected to Warner Bros. … A mentally ill clown-for-hire, Joker sees Fleck grow more and more out of touch with reality over the course of the story, leading to murderous results.

What should you know before watching Joker?

Everything You Need to Know Before Watching JokerArthur Fleck is Not a Hero.Not Your Typical Superhero Movie.Inspired by Scorsese.It’s Going for the Gold. … It’s a Standalone Film. With so many superhero franchises out there, it might be hard to keep up with which movie belongs in what universe. …

Is Joker one of the best movies ever?

According to the Internet Movie Database, commonly known as IMDb, Joker is one of the greatest movies ever made.

Why is the joker a bad movie?

Joker is a bad movie, yes: It’s predictable, clichéd, deeply derivative of other, better movies, and overwritten to the point of self-parody. “Joker,” though, is a calculatedly combustible concoction, designed, like its chaos-creating character, to cause a stir. To provoke and distort.

What should I watch after Joker?

To begin with, I’d highly suggest you watch The King of Comedy directed by Martin Scorsese. Then watch Joker and after that you can watch The Dark Knight….Though if you want to learn about the character, here are the films he has appeared in :Batman ( 1966 )Batman ( 1989 )The Dark Knight.Suicide Squad.

Why Joker killed his mother?

Thomas is furious and swiftly lets Arthur know that he and his mother never had an affair, and that he fired her because she was increasingly unstable.

Who has Joaquin Phoenix dated?

Who Has Joaquin Phoenix Dated in the past? Previously, Phoenix has been linked to actress Liv Tyler, who he dated for three years in the late ’90s. He also dated actresses Jessica Joffe and Amelia Warner (who’s now married to Jamie Dornan).

Is the Joker movie gruesome?

Parents need to know that Joker is an intense, complex, powerful thriller starring Joaquin Phoenix as the famous Batman villain. It’s far darker and more violent than other takes on the character. Expect extremely graphic killings and blood spatters/sprays, guns and shooting, and stabbing.

Why is the Joker movie disturbing?

“Joker” is placed in Gotham City and is about how a mentally-ill comedian is disregarded by society and portrays his downward spiral that brings him face to face with his alter-ego: the Joker. The film contains violence, disturbing behavior and language, which has caused an uproar among critics and viewers.

Does Martin Scorsese like Joker?

Thanks to an interview with BBC News, the legendary director notes his familiarity with both Phillips and the Joker script. But now he’s gone on the record with his reaction to the film. In short, Scorsese said that he thinks Joker is “a remarkable work” with a very specific take on the source material.