Question: What Does Gyal Mean On Snapchat?

What does SU stand for on snap chat?

Swipe Up”Swipe Up” is the most common definition for SU on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tinder.


Definition: Swipe Up..

Is Bad Gyal white?

Blending trap beats and autotune with the dembow rhythms of reggaetón and dancehall, Bad Gyal is the first to sing this music in her native tongue of Catalan. … When all’s said and done, though, she is a white woman making dancehall-influenced music under a Jamaican stage name.

What does YAAD Man Ting mean?

Yardie (or Yaadi) is a term often used, particularly within the Caribbean expatriate and Jamaican diaspora community, to refer to persons of Jamaican origin, though its exact meaning changes depending on context. …

What does BTW mean sexually?

BTW in SexualBTWBy The Way Army, Medical, InternetBTWBring the Wine recent

What does YAAD mean in texting?

What does YAAD stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningYAADYet Another Annoying Death (gaming)YAADYet Another Accidental Death (gaming)

What does Bad Gyal mean?

Definitions of “Bad Gyal” (Slang) The total opposite of a “good girl”; this a girl that does things that is deemed unacceptable by society. Example traits of a “bad gyal” are a female who is highly promiscuous or a female that makes a name for themselves without conforming to what society sees as “right” for women.

What does Buss mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuss /bʌs/ verb [transitive] American English old-fashioned to kiss someone in a friendly rather than sexual way politicians bussing babies→ See Verb tableOrigin buss (1500-1600) Probably from bass “to kiss” ((1500-1600)), from French baiser.

What does Gyal mean in Jamaican?

Come over here girla young or relatively young woman. a female child. Patois: Come nuh gyal. English: Come over here girl.

What does Gyal mean in slang?

GirlGYAL means “Girl” So now you know – GYAL means “Girl” – don’t thank us. YW! What does GYAL mean? GYAL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the GYAL definition is given.

What does Badman mean in Jamaican?

Badman is a word that was originally used in Kingston, Jamaica in the 1980s ska and Jamaican dancehall cultures. It was used to describe an anti-social youth who was non law-abiding and was feared by others. … The word has parallels with other terms, such as gangsta, rude boy, or bad boy.

What does ark mean?

the sacred chest(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a boat or ship held to resemble that in which Noah and his family were preserved from the Flood. b : something that affords protection and safety. 2a : the sacred chest representing to the Hebrews the presence of God among them.

What does Seen mean in Jamaican slang?

Jamaican English (Patois) When Jamaicans say: ZEEN/SEEN – it means ‘OK” or it affirms that what is being said is understood. ZEEN!

What does a busbar do?

Busbars distribute electricity with greater ease and flexibility than some other more permanent forms of installation and distribution. Sometimes spelled bus bar or buss bar, they are often metallic strips of copper, brass, or aluminum that both ground and conduct electricity.

What does BSF mean?

Best FriendBSF means “Best Friend” most of the time, but it can also mean “Best Sister Friend” or “But Seriously Folks”. Here is a brief explanation of each meaning: Best Friend. BSF is often used as shorthand for Best Friend.