Question: Are JNU Students Right?

Who is responsible for JNU attack?

The Hindu Raksha Dal has claimed responsibility for the January 5 attack on Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) that left numerous students and teachers injured..

What was the fee hike in JNU?

Under the new hostel charges, students have to pay a service charge of Rs 1,700 per month. This charge did not exist earlier. Rent for a single room has been increased from Rs 20 per month to Rs 600 per month, and for a double-sharing room from Rs 10 per month to Rs 300 per month.

What’s wrong with JNU students?

On 9 February 2016, some students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) held a protest on their campus against the capital punishment meted out to the 2001 Indian Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, and Kashmiri separatist Maqbool Bhat. … The event saw clashes between various student groups.

Why is JNU famous?

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is one of India’s best universities. Known famously for its strength in the humanities and social sciences and infamously as a hotbed of left-wing politics, JNU is more than a sum of both. … It is evident that JNU’s lesser known science departments do quite well in terms of research.

Why is JNU bad?

The JNU students’ protest, ostensibly over a hostel fee hike, is beyond any civil or democratic activism. If one compares the hostel fees of prominent central universities, JNU charges a pittance in room rents and mess charges. Even after revision, it remains the lowest.

Is JNU really good?

JNU was ranked no 3 among all universities in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework, Government of India, in 2016 and no 2 in 2017. JNU also received the Best University Award from the President of India in 2017.

Is Du better than JNU?

As per the NIRF, DU and JNU are ranked among the top 10, both in terms of the overall ranking and perception, while Jamia has been ranked way below at 83 in terms of overall ranking and 44 in perception. …

How difficult is it to get into JNU?

NEW DELHI: Getting admission in Jawaharlal Nehru University has got tougher. From an average of 20 candidates per seat in the past, it has risen to 36 per seat this time. Just how much tougher it has become can be gauged from the fact that MA political science has 144 candidates per seat.

Why is JNU attacked?

The university blamed the attack on a “group of students” opposing an ongoing admission process to register new students. It is widely believed that the statement referred to leftist students who have been protesting against the fee hike. There were violent clashes at JNU last year over the rise in hostel fees.

Why are students protesting against CAA?

According to Utpal, upper caste and Other Backward Class students tend to be more prejudiced along religious and caste lines, and most of the students protesting against CAA from his university are Adivasis and Dalits.

Is there ragging in JNU?

This was the first ever ragging case reported from JNU ever since its establishment 40 years ago. In August, the JNU authorities had rusticated nine students for two years and declared the campus out of bounds for them for ragging their freshers.

Why do JNU students always protest?

A few months earlier students and teachers had protested because the JNU vice chancellor had selectively issued charge-sheets against 48 teachers, including a retired faculty, invoking CCS conduct rules for raising their voices against the destructive policies of the JNU administration. …

Why did Deepika go to JNU?

Synopsis. The actress has chosen to remain silent and not respond to any comments on her visit. Actress Deepika Padukone’s Tuesday visit to the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) to express solidarity with students who were attacked by a mob, created a stir, leaving Twitter divided.

How is life at JNU?

The JNU model of campus life is based on libertarianism in the purest sense of the term. JNU does not treat students’ political activities as undesirable encroachment on academic life. On the contrary, political-ideological debates are considered an extension of everyday student life.

Why is JNU fees so low?

JNU is a premier institution based in New Delhi, India, which has produced alumni whose contributions have benefited society both in India and the world at large. … As a result, its tuition fees have remained low, enabling people from all strata of society to gain a top-level education.

What is the current fees of JNU?

Till last year an applicant for PhD, MTech or MPhil had to pay Rs 295 and someone applying for MSc, MA, MCA or BA Honours had to pay Rs 283 — this year it has exponentially increased to Rs 780 and Rs 768 respectively. The medical fees, which was Rs 9 till last year, has leapt to Rs 1000 for the year 2020-21.

What did Deepika Padukone say in JNU?

On the JNU violence, Deepika said, “I am very angry at what is happening but it is worse that no action is being taken.” Deepika Padukone was in Delhi to promote her upcoming film Chhapaak with her co-star Vikrant Massey.

What is happening at JNU?

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal held a meeting with ministers in the early hours of 6 January, to discuss the “serious condition” prevailing at JNU. After the meeting, Sanjay Singh stated that, “The assault on students and professors is really shameful. This is happening in the capital of India.