Is It Bad To Get Too Excited?

How do I stop being so excited?


Find out what gets you over-excited and deal with the stimulus appropriately.


Many types of mediation techniques are available to soothe your mind.

Soothing music.

Listen to soothing music.

Physical Exercise.


Avoid caustic people and negative circumstances..

Is it good to be excited?

Excitement is important because it moves us to action like nothing else. It is what allows for momentum to be built and what gives us that amazing feeling of happiness and simultaneous fulfillment. Without excitement in your life, you are likely to fall into a sort of depression.

What’s another word for overly excited?

What is another word for overexcited?anxiouscarried awayagitatedexciteddistraughtfrantichystericalupsethectichyperactive233 more rows

Why do kids jump when excited?

Originally Answered: Why do kids jump spontaneously when they are happy/excited? Excess energy. Energy demands an outlet, and most young animals jump or run erratically early in the day, or at odd times, to burn off excess energy, that tends to make muscles contract.

What is a better word than excited?

Here are 5 (but by no means all) alternatives to the word “excited” when announcing something: Thrilled – why not? … Delighted – I’m biased here, but this word makes me happy! Elated – sounds like you’re on Cloud 9 and if your news can match it, we’ll have no worries in thinking “good for you”!

What is the synonyms for excited?

Synonyms foragitated.delighted.disturbed.eager.enthusiastic.hysterical.nervous.passionate.

How does anxiety affect happiness?

A coping mechanism of avoidance can prevent people from having potentially rewarding experiences that create happy thoughts and positive feelings and emotions. Anxiety frequently leads to insomnia. This can cause irritability and fatigue resulting in errors of judgment and increased risk of accidents.

What does overly excited mean?

also overexcited. adjective [usually verb-link ADJECTIVE] If you say that someone is over-excited, you mean that they are more excited than you think is desirable. You’ll need to provide continuous, organised entertainment or children may get over-excited.

Can being too excited cause anxiety?

The power of reframing anxiety Reframing our nervousness by calling it what it is — another kind of “excitement” — can drastically affect our confidence levels. Re-labeling our emotions doesn’t mean we’re lying to ourselves, either.

What can I say instead of excited?

very excited. phr.really excited. phr.enthusiastic.very happy. phr.eager.too excited. phr.pretty excited. phr.More items…

Is being nervous and excited the same thing?

That’s because anxiety and excitement are both aroused emotions. In both, the heart beats faster, cortisol surges, and the body prepares for action. In other words, they’re “arousal congruent.” The only difference is that excitement is a positive emotion‚ focused on all the ways something could go well.

Why can’t I fall asleep when I’m excited?

For example, when excited, our cortisol levels increase. Cortisol is commonly known as the stress hormone and can increase blood pressure and heart rate – the exact opposite of what we want when trying to fall asleep. Remember, if you often struggle to get to sleep, you should speak to your GP.