Can You Buy A Tesla Then Return It?

Is Tesla down payment refundable?

The cost of a reservation is approximately $1,000 USD.

Please see the table below for the amount in your local currency.

Note that the reservation payment is fully refundable if you cancel your reservation..

How do I return a Tesla lease?

Return Checklist Schedule drop off: Contact our Lease Returns team at to schedule an appointment for return at your local delivery center.

What is Tesla’s return policy?

We are confident that you will feel great about your new vehicle, and so are giving you time to experience and enjoy your new Tesla. Subject to the terms and conditions of this policy, if you are unhappy with your vehicle, you may return it to us within seven (7) calendar days.

Can you return a used Tesla?

Their used cars are therefore generally lease returns or cars that were covered by a buy back guarantee they used to offer. Buying used from a non Tesla dealer requires you to do your homework as many dealers simply do not understand the cars and options.

What does Tesla do with returned cars?

They sell them as “certified pre-owned.” The demand vastly outstrips supply, and people have to make a concerted effort to get one in the first place, so it’s not like there are any significant number of cars that get returned, and for every one that’s returned, there are lots of people who want it immediately.

What salary do you need to afford a Tesla?

If your household take home pay is 4K per month, you shouldn’t be spending more than $1000 on car payments, insurance, fuel, and maintenance. So if your expenses are right about average, you can afford a Tesla 3 ($45K) probably around 100K per year of income.